Instant Raagi Dosa.

This is my Monday favorite.Normally on Monday mornings i like to prepare very easy and fast making breakfasts.This is one of the variety which i prepare.

This is a very healthy breakfast because this raagi is very useful for health because it contains rich iron .

As we know less varieties of this flour.This is one of the easiest and healthy way to take this.

This will be very tasty with tomato and onion chutney.

Ragi dosa

Ragi dosa


  • Raagi flour:1 cup.
  • water: add sufficient.
  • salt:adjust to taste.
  • Chana dal: 1tbsp.
  • Coriander leaves( chopped):1 tbsp.(optional).
  • Curry leaves(chopped):1 tsp.
  • cooking soda:1 pinch.


  • Take the raagi flour into a vessel and add salt,Cooking  soda to it.
  • Now add sufficient water to it and mix it thoroughly.It requires more water.
  • Make as thin dosa batter.

  • Mix it properly without having lumps.
  • Now add chana dal,coriander leaves,curry leaves and give a stir.
  • Now heat the tawa and make sure that we should not do over heat .
  • Now pour the batter as we pour the dosa batter .
  • Add oil to the dosa and let it roast.
  • Now change the dosa to other side and allow it to heat.
  • Now remove the dosa from the tawa.


  • It absorbs more water while making the batter.
  • Give a stir before making every dosa.
  • It will easily form,mix it properly and make sure of not having the lumps
  • It will take more time to roast.

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