How to make puri(Poori)

Normally i prefer this breakfast on weekends .I now a days avoid eating puri’s but my daughter likes,specially she starts asking for poori from  friday evening on wards.There are many combinations for poori.

puri with saagu


So,now here comes the poori preparation.


  • Wheat flour:1 cup.
  • Maida(All purpose flour):1 1/2 handful.
  • Salt:As required.
  • Sugar:1/4 tsp.
  • Oil:1 tbsp.
  • Water:as needed to make the dough(normally it require 1/4 cup or more).
  • Oil:to deep fry.


  • Take flour,sugar,oil,salt and mix it well.
  • Add 1/4 cup of water little by little and knead the dough.
  • Keep aside for 10 -15 min and again Knead it to make it to a smooth paste with out any cracks.
  • Now divide the kneaded dough into equal small sized balls.
  • Roll out into circles not too thick not too thin.
  • Heat oil in a kadai until just fume comes out and turn it to the medium flame .
  • Now drop the rolled puri into the oil carefully .
  • Now place the laddle when it tries to float in the,this makes to puff the puri well.
  • Now turn over and fry until you see the red spots on it.


  • Keep oil in a kadai enough to immerse the poori.
  • If you roll the poori so thin thenit will not puff up.
  • Keep oil always hot in a kadai so the poori will always puffs.
  • After dropping  the poori  inthe oil when it tries to float in the oil then press with,it will  puffs up nicely.

Your opinion matters to me..So please put in your take on this post..Thank you :-)


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