How to prepare Tomato curry

Its easy to prepare and takes less time.If we prepare
it in the right way it will be superb in taste.

Tasty Tomato curry

Tasty Tomato curry

Tomatoes are very rich in vitamin c.They are low in calories and that too fat free.They also contain vitamin A,K,potassium.To say simply they contain all vitamins and minerals which are necessary for a good health.They are very good for females because they build strong bones .

Tomatoes make your skin great.they will protect skin from sun damage.



onion: 1 medium sized.
Tomatoes:4 medium sized(prefer ripen tomatoes).
Turmeric powder:half tsp.
salt:adjust to taste.
garlic pods: 3
coriander powder:1tbsp.
Red chilly powder:2 tbsp.
coconut powder:3tbsp.
Ghee:2 tbsp.
Bay leaves:5.
mustard and jeera :half tsp.

To Grind:

Take garlic and coconut to grind.


Heat the oil in a pan.
Now Crackle mustard seeds,jeera and add bay leaves.
Add onion and fry it until it changes the color to
light brown and now add turmeric powder ,salt,red
chilly powder,coriander powder and fry for half a
Now add that ground powder (garlic and coconut) and
fry for few seconds.
Now add tomato pieces and close the lid and cook for
five minutes .
If it is not cooked cook for another few minutes.
Now add ghee and remove the pan from heat.
Now garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
Now the tasty tomato curry is ready.

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