Helpful Tips

In this page I am giving some helpful tips  which i knew and may help to you.

  • cut the beetroot into pieces and make them dry in the sun completely and make into powder.This will act as natural food color.
  • While grinding Dosa batter add one or two green chillies and grind.This will keep the batter fresh.
  • Remove the stems of green chillies and store in a refrigerator .This will keep the green chillies fresh for long time.
  • If  burn occurs while cooking apply honey then burning sensation may decrease.
  • While boiling Green peas just add some sugar it will give good tase.
  • In the sugar box just add one or two cloves .This will keep away ants.
  • If you are worrying about over ripen tomatoes.Place them in cold water and add some salt and leave them over the next day morning they will become firm.
  • To remove the skin of almond place them in hot water for some time then you can easily remove the skin.
  • For the home made ginger garlic paste add some salt while grinding this will give longer storage life.

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