Dahi Bread Bonda.

This is a nice snack item.If we get bored of eating all normal snacks.You can try this snack item.And that too we are using Dahi(curd) which is very good for health.Some times we all are experiencing the problem of having more curd then at that time we can prepare this as evening snack .Children will eat this very interestingly.My daughter loves this very much.Now,Here i am posting how to prepare dahi Bread Bonda .

Dahi Bread Bonda

Dahi Bread Bonda


  • Curd:1 cup.
  • Bread:4 slices.
  • Boiled potato:3 (medium sized).
  • Boiled Green peas paste:1 cup.
  • Boiled carrot:1 (large).
  • Garam masala:1 tsp.
  • Chat masala:1 tsp.
  • Salt:adjust to taste.
  • Chiili powder:1 1/2 tsp(adjust to your spice level).
  • Ginger garlic paste:1 tsp.
  • Curry leaves:4-5.
  • Coriander:2 tbsp.
  • Pudina:1 tbsp.
  • Haldi/Turmeric powder:a pinch.

To Temper:

  • Mustard and cumin seeds:1/4 tsp.
  • Curry leaves:3-4.
  • Red chillies:2.


  • If we do not have Fresh green peas then soak the dried green peas in warm water for two hours.
  • Now boil the green peas for upto 3-4 whistles and allow it to cool.
  • Now boil potato and remove the skin.
  • Boil the carrot.
  • Smash the carrot and potato into smooth paste.
  • Now Grind the green peas in a mixer into a fine paste.
  • In a bowl add potato,carrot,Green peas paste and mix it well.
  • Now add all other ingredients salt,Chilli powder,haldi,Garam masala,chat masala,Corainder,pudina,curry leaves,Ginger garlic paste and mix it well.
  • Now cut the sides of Bread slices and dip it in little amount of water and squeeze the water by pressing it gently in between two palms.
  • Now take small amount of prepared potato,green piece etc mixture into the bread and make like a ball.
  • WP_20140617_004
  • Now heat the oil in a kadai and fry these balls until it come to golden brown color.
  • WP_20140617_009
  • Like that prepare all the bondas and keep them aside.
  • Now mix salt to the curd.
  • Now add all the prepared bondas into the curd.
  • Now heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan and add all the items which is listed under the To Temper.
  • Now add this to the curd.
  • Now the tasty Dahi Bread Bondai is ready to eat.
  • Dahi Bread Bonda

    Dahi Bread Bonda


  • If you are having Fresh green peas then no need to soak in water.You can directly boil.


  • If you soak Bread slices more in water then it is not possible to make like balls.So,what i did is first i soaked all the four sides in the water and i just sprinkled water in the middle of the bread slice .so,that the bread slice cannot absorb more water and squeezed  the water out.

Hope you liked the post.

Please give comments and suggestions below to improvise my posts.





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