How to prepare Pesarattu/Green gram Dosa/Moongdal Dosa?

Do you know how easy to prepare Pesarattu and how much healthy it is.After so many days i got this chance to prepare and share it with you.Just to do is soaking one over night is the only before work we should do.Do you know how many advantages we have by taking this green gram.Doctors tell that we should take this green gram once in a week.Normally i will prepare pongal,pesarattu using this green gram.It is having high fiber content and it is loaded with all goodies like vitamin A,B,C,E and also it have iron,potassium and also a powerful source of vegetable protein.It is good for heart and do you know the most important information here i am giving it will shed of some unwanted weight.

Now here comes the recipe.




  • Green Moong:2 cups.
  • Rice:1/2 cup.
  • Onion:1.
  • Coriander(chopped):1/4 cup.
  • Green chillies:7-8.(adjust to your spice level).
  • Ginger:2 inches.
  • Salt:adjust to taste.


  • Wash and soak Green Moong and rice one over night.
  • Next morning Cut the green chillies and chop Ginger,Coriander.
  • Grind soaked green moong,Rice,Green chillies,ginger,coriander,salt like dosa batter.
  • Add the required quantity of water just like dosa batter.
  • Now cut the onion into small pieces.
  • Now mix the onion pieces into the batter.
  • Now heat the dosa tawa and pour the bater and spread like dosa.
  • Now add oil over all dosa.
  • Now allow it to roast until it turns into golden brown colour.
  • Now turn this into another side and roast for 1/2 min.
  • Now remove  it.

Ginger chutney best combination for this.Normally it is a very special in Andhra and even i prepare upma pesarattu  next day.Just making upma and placing it in pesarattu and roast it.

Hope you like the post after long time.

please leave your comment below to improvise my posts.


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